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What Does Architecture Tell Us About Acupuncture?

What Does Architecture Tell Us About Acupuncture?

What Does Architecture Tell Us About Acupuncture

Ever wonder how and why acupuncture works?

Have you ever seen a building as it was going up? Picture a house or better yet, a tall building with cross beams.

Just like in the body, these cross beams rely upon each other dynamically to support the entire building. That is how you can picture how acupuncture works in the body: We are a lattice work of interconnected bones and muscles. It is how we are stacked and balanced that makes it possible for our bodies to stand on two feet and accomplish the amazing things that we are capable of performing.

The ancient Greeks revolutionized architecture with the arch.

This allowed buildings to be built taller with fewer pillars and reduced spacing. Now picture an archway…Imagine if one piece of the arch went missing or started misbehaving like a muscle that is in spasm or unable to fully relax.

The rest of the structure above and below is relying on each part to work together. As more parts of the building/body begin to fall out of harmony, the more precarious or painful the situation becomes.

One of the ways Acupuncture works to relax the muscles at the site of injury or pain so that the entire body can begin to work together. The implications of having one area out of balance will not only impact the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and nerves, but also damage the immune system and the endocrine system through the increased release of stress hormones triggered by pain.

That is the beginning of how acupuncture benefits the entire body.

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