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Wellness at Work

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Our Wellness At Work Program

Your employees spend one third of their lives at work. These 90,000 hours can be productive and fulfilling, but they can also lead to stress and stress-related illnesses. Chronic stress, neck pain, and back pain are among the leading causes of lost time at work. Our Wellness At Work program at The WellBridge Clinic in Portland takes a comprehensive approach to health. We meet your employees where they are to help them feel better.

Let’s Find Greater Wellness, Together

The most successful companies realize that investing in their employees’ health and wellness results in happier and more productive teams. At The WellBridge Clinic, we work with your human resources department to design strategic programs to minimize the most common causes of missed work and employee illness.

These programs are not short-term “quick-fixes” with benefits that evaporate at the end of the day. At The WellBridge Clinic, we combine education and wellness offerings with onsite integrative treatments. This provides actionable solutions for employees to take control of their own wellness, resulting in less stress, less pain, and fewer sick days. This is the foundation of a cohesive and empowered team, our specialty at The WellBridge Clinic.

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Wellness Benefits

A study by the RAND Corporation found that employers experienced a 150% ROI when implementing overall wellness programs. The same study found a 380% ROI for chronic disease prevention such as diabetes, smoking cessation, and obesity. These programs are also linked to company value appreciation rates of 235% (as compared to those companies without programs at 159%) over six years. This suggests that a long-term commitment to the health of employees is crucial to building a successful business.

Other research has shown that even though all employees can find benefits in stress reduction and boosting overall good health, those with the highest risk factors for disease and chronic illness reap the most benefits. Not only do these employees receive immediate benefit as they learn more about their conditions and how to manage them, but they also implement life-long changes that can help prevent further illness.

Finally, workplace wellness programs have the ability to significantly reduce absenteeism, both short- and long-term. A reduction in stress, plus well-controlled chronic illness and better overall health, contribute to employees who are healthier and happier at work.

Serving Local Portland, Oregon worksplaces

The WellBridge Clinic Workplace Services

Our workplace services at The WellBridge Clinic bring better health directly to your employees in the form of integrative medicine and wellness education.

wellbridge clinic wellness cupping
wellbridge clinic cupping
wellness group acupuncture

On-site Treatments

We offer 20-minute community acupuncture treatments in a group setting in a quiet meeting room or staff lounge. In “zero gravity” chairs, employees relax during a treatment that reduces stress, improves cognitive function, and reduces pain. This treatment option can be offered for up to ten people an hour.

Our 15-minute chair massages are also an option for employees. Employees rest comfortably in a massage chair while our massage therapists focus on relieving tension in commonly overworked areas such as the head, neck, back muscles, arms, hands, and wrists. Chair massage can accommodate up to four people an hour.

Movement and Meditation Classes

Meditation is for more than stress relief and increased focus. Top tier executives and scientists know that even 15 minutes of intentional breath work each day improves neural connections in our brain helping to improve mood, clarity, and creativity.

Our movement and meditation classes provide a much-needed reset during the day to help employees better deal with stress and tension.

Wellness Workshops

Education is key to continued good health; when people know better, they do better. We offer informative, conversational seminars on topics that create a healthy workplace and lifestyle.

Some of our offerings include neuroscience and meditation, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), gratitude in the workplace, and workplace ergonomics. Likewise, our workplace nutrition workshops have been especially helpful for employees who want delicious and goal-focused meal plans for better health.

Growth Over Time

We know it’s important to track the success of workplace initiatives, including employee wellness programs. The WellBridge Clinic provides measurable results with customized questionnaires at the beginning and end of a series of our sessions. This provides each organization with data-driven feedback to demonstrate the value of wellness to HR and individual employees.

It is critical for healthcare providers and HR managers to see ROI and VOI. That is why we quantify these gains over time. We want you to not only experience the value of our workplace wellness program but to also see their benefits in black and white.

Help Your Employees Thrive

We understand that just like our patients, every organization is unique. Whether you are interested in one or all of our services, we’ll create a customized and congruent package to best meet the needs of your team.

Our greatest progress is achieved with continuity and commitment. The WellBridge Clinic offers depth of care that makes all the difference. In addition to workplace wellness, our clinic is open for individual care and personalized wellness strategies that further promote the success of every employee on their path to better health.

Stop waiting. Now is the time to begin.

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