At The WellBridge Clinic, our goal is for everyone to feel welcome. Our patients are of all ages, from pre-teens to elders. We enjoy working with families as a whole, busy professionals, weekend warriors and professional athletes, and people who want to ensure that retirement is just the beginning of another adventure. Learn more about the experiences from our previous patients in the following testimonials.


I cannot say enough how lucky I am to have discovered The WellBridge Clinic. The work that John has done to help me control my IBS as well as to help me to deal with stress and anxiety and to really get grounded has been amazing. I come away from each session feeling better than the last and always with great information. Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly. This is a place that I would happily recommend!

I absolutely love John Rybak and his staff at WellBridge, they are amazing. I started after I got hurt in physical therapy. Words cannot say enough to how grateful I am. I have pain in feet, hands, hip, knees, jaw, shoulder and neck and with acupuncture and moxa I can work and do all the hobbies I love. Thank you.

The staff are incredible, the acupuncture is amazing! I am so happy I found this little nugget. John is the most thorough and compassionate acupuncturist I have encountered. I have only been to a few sessions and I’m already feeling better. If you find yourself looking for some solid treatments and incredibly kind and lovely people, this is the place!

I’ve been seeing John Rybak for about a month for knee and shoulder problems. I was amazed at how quickly the acupuncture treatments were able to reduce the pain and improve levels of functionality to my painful joints. He is a caring, attentive, and skilled practitioner. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others who need help.

I was waiting for my snowboarding injury to go away on its own but it only got worse. I decided to go to WellBridge Clinic and take care of it. After 6 sessions of receiving acupuncture, moxa and massage, my shoulder pain is gone!  He made it seem so simple to take care of. I don’t know why I waited so long; but am happy I did it…now ready to get back on the mountain and dominate!  Don’t be like me and wait for your pain to go away. Take care of it through acupuncture with John. You’ll be glad you did.

I had back surgery in ’92 and have been dealing with it ever since. The variety of treatments (heat, pressure points, pins, exercises) from John and the pharmaceutical Chinese herbs he’s prescribed have made a huge quality of life difference for me. I used to buy Advil by the 500. Now I don’t take any. I’ve skied 23 days so far this season and shoveled my roof four times. Feeling good. Thanks, John!

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