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The WellBridgeClinic is open

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Welcome To The WellBridge Clinic

Welcome To The WellBridge Clinic

In our busy world, there’s a lot of stress and it’s easy to push your health to the side. You’re probably here right now because you don’t feel right, though. Perhaps you hurt or you’re experiencing digestion problems, or maybe you’re tired, irritable, and have brain fog. You’re ready for a life with less pain, more energy, less stress, better sleep, and a greater overall sense of peace and balance. Our bodies and our health are more complex than a five-minute doctor visit every year. The solutions you’re looking for can be found with functional medicine and acupuncture. You’ve taken the best first step. You’ve identified that you’re ready to find better health and you’re asking the right questions. Our human bodies speak only one language and it communicates with symptoms. That’s your body’s way of communicating that something needs help. It is important to listen before those symptoms become a roar. Symptoms show up in different ways for everyone. Rather than caring for the sickness or symptom, our team at The WellBridge Clinic helps you break the cycle that led to your health problems. We take the time and tools to investigate deeper, so we can get to the root cause. The alternative is just managing symptoms and, unfortunately, symptom management often leads to unwanted side effects. We are science-based functional medical providers. We specialize in acupuncture. All of the treatments we provide are integrative, researched-backed medical specialties that provide a path towards that better health. We’re proud to offer these services to our Portland community. ‍It is our purpose and passion to help people like you to not just get better, but also to thrive.

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It’s Time To Transform Your Health

Carpal Tunnel

Suffering from tingling, pain, and numbness in your hands and fingers? Acupuncture can help resolve your carpal tunnel symptoms. Here’s how.

Whiplash & Concussion

Car accidents can lead to massive amounts of trauma to your body. We specialize in helping with conditions like whiplash, concussion, and more.

Knee Pain

We often take our knees for granted until it’s too late. Acupuncture can help you avoid more invasive surgeries and medications when your knees are in pain.

Back Pain

Whether your back pain is severe and hard-to-treat or a nagging daily ache, acupuncture for back pain can help. Read on to learn more.


Acupuncture can manage the underlying causes and tension that leads to recurring, debilitating, or serious headaches. Here’s how.

Dedicated To Whole-Person Wellness

Every single day we work with people who thought they “had tried everything… and nothing worked.” Many never considered acupuncture as an option or were unsure about it. We are modern, science based medical providers, and we translate a 3000-year-old medical language into terms that we all can understand. Acupuncture is a medical specialty that extensive research has proven to manage and resolve a variety of conditions, from chronic pain to allergy relief. Organizations like the World Health Organization and the U.S. Military all recognize the natural, safe, and scientifically-proven benefits of acupuncture. This approach doesn’t only address the symptoms: it allows us to “re-program” your body’s bad habits and get to the root cause of your pain, stress, and chronic health concerns. Our lead acupuncturist, John Rybak, LAc. has spent over twenty years researching, studying, and traveling the world so he can help people transform their health.

All of our acupuncturists are highly trained and licensed medical specialists who have completed a three- to four-year medical degree that includes 4,000 hours of training devoted to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Our clinical focus is in the field of functional medicine as we translate acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for the 21st century. Our team works closely with all of your healthcare providers, ensuring a high standard of care. We can help with primary symptom management, corrective care, and therapeutic support after surgery, chemotherapy, or other interventions. After our patients get better, our best service is to serve them with intermittent maintenance care. That way people get better and stay better. We work with most health insurance companies, and can also bill insurance companies following a car accident or work injuries.

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