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Ibuprofen Deficiency?  Is that a thing?

“Habitually taking NSAIDs is like hitting the CHECK ENGINE light with a hammer everytime it goes on.”

Can you remember walking down the pill aisle at the grocery store? It’s nearly a mile stretch of pain medications and the rest of the pills are for allergies and heartburn. (…and we can help with that too.)

That aisle is where you will buy Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Advil, etc. These are collectively known as NSAIDs.

I love these pain medications! Seriously. They are great. But the question is: Do you have an Ibuprofen Deficiency?

Here are a few NSAID facts:

So how much is too much?

There are a lot of reasons to take pain relief medications, but it is only temporary relief. The goal is to create a physiologic change that addresses the problem, not mask the symptoms. NSAIDs are only for temporary relief of pain and inflammation.

Imagine driving a car and the Check Engine light came on. Regularly taking NSAIDs is like hitting the Check Engine light with a hammer every time it goes on.

By all means, take your NSAIDs and if you need them more than 1-2x/month, then its time to look for help.

Wait for it…..and yes the question is: Have you tried Acupuncture for that?

Honestly, good acupuncture is hard to come by. Fortunately the providers at The WellBridge Clinic are seasoned, skilled, and scientifically minded medical providers. We work to ensure you experience pain relief that lasts. That way you get better and stay better.

Do you or someone you know need a better choice than NSAIDs. Because after all, no one has an Ibuprofen deficiency. (or tylenol, or advil, or oxycodone, or flexeril)

The best news of all is that with acupuncture people experience better sleep, better digestion, and less stress.

Isn’t it time our health care had added benefits?

Have questions? Schedule your appointment today at 503-544-9611.

And remember your tune-up visits! (When was the last time you had a tune-up?)

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