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Holiday Gift Ideas

Wellbridge Clinic Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

Make it EASY! Give the Gift of Health This Year.

Dear Friends,

It’s the season of giving! Over the years, the best gifts I have given or received have been from this list. I’ve included links so you can Click away and finish up that buying for the ‘difficult to buy for‘. I hope these ideas help you:

Best Heat Pads EVER

Get rid of those electric coil heating pads. Buy a Far IR heat pad. Honestly, the old school heat pads are bad for you, they reduce circulation where you need it most. A few years ago I bought this Heat Pad for my dad. He said “it was the best gift I have ever given him”….(yeah but dad, what about all those cute things I made for you when I was little…ouch :~) Seriously, you can make all of your elders and people who are achey and cold. And, you’re welcome!


I have a confession to make: I don’t like massages. There are only 2 or 3 massage therapists that I am happy to work with… But I do like this IR massager. We have this one at home. It is great for your neck, back, legs and feet. It is relaxing (unlike a thera-gun), easy to use and easy to hold.

Sleep and Stress Relief

Sleep is crucial to every aspect of our health. There are a couple things I would reccommend to help a loved one with sleep and sleep hygiene. They will be happier, and everyone else around them will be happier too!

  1. Blue Blocker Glasses that block blue light from LED lights and screens. They also reduce eye strain and headaches. In fact, I’m wearing a pair now at 3:30 in the afternoon.
  2. Sleep Friendly Headphones for listening to peaceful music and binaural beats. These comfy little guys let you roll over, sleep on your side and still not disturb your partner…or block them out if they snore, etc. For an intro to binaural beats, check out Jody Hatton on YouTube, he takes the fluff out of it.
  3. CES is a cute little device that uses an electrical pulse (like acupuncture) to change your brain wave patterns to a more cohesive/organized pattern and help you enter an ‘Alpha’ brainwave pattern. A lot of high level CEOs use these to stay ‘in the zone.’ I love mine. Use them for stress relief, meditation, help your sleep go deeper, or studying/working.

Saunas for warmth and Detoxification

This ‘Low EMF’ Mini Sauna is fantastic. I can fold mine up and put it in my closet between my clothes. When I get it out, my kiddo calls it the ‘Toaster Oven.’ If you or someone you know gets cold, get this to warm up. Plus if you use it correctly, you can improve your detoxification. The key is the ‘Far Infrared’ frequencies of the heating element. That heat warms you to your core, like the heat pads above. This one is “low EMF” so if EMF is a concern, this is my choice. This is the Sauna I have at home. The reviews say it is measured to have higher EMF readings. It is a lower price point. I haven’t tested the EMF readings myself, but it still works for me.

Give the Gift of Beauty

Did you know we offer Cosmetic Acupuncture and MicroNeedling at The WellBridge Clinic? Dr. Kayla is our Queen of beautification. Call now to buy a Gift Card for 6 visits.

Learn more by clicking here.

Wait for it…..and yes the question is: Have you tried Acupuncture for that?

Acupuncture Gift Cards

Who do you know that needs a good dose of health and wellness?

  • An athlete that needs a helping hand?
  • Someone that needs help sleeping?
  • Stress relief? (who doesn’t, right?).
  • Arthritis?
  • Aches and pains?

Think of acupuncture like a ‘metronome’ it sets the rhythm of the body through our electrical systems. Muscles work together. Nerves calm down. Breathing is more relaxed. Circulation improved. Stress hormones and inflammation all go down.

Doesn’t that sound good?! Science thinks so too!!! Call or come in for a Gift Card.

Isn’t it time our health care had added benefits?

Have questions? Schedule your appointment today at 503-544-9611.

And remember to take care of yourself too! (When was the last time you had a tune-up?)

In Health,


Stop waiting. Now is the time to begin.

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