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Gong Hei Fat Choy!!! Happy New Year

Chinese New Year! 2022

Gong Hei Fat Choy!!! Happy New Year!!!

Unless you have attained sainthood, I’m willing to bet most everyone is ready for some positive change.  And we are at another moment to leverage some change with the coming year of the Tiger!  

This is a “Water Tiger Year”

When considering the element and the year of the zodiac, you can expect this is a year full of momentum to learn, be thoughtful, and expect success in your career and relationships.  This is a year to make considered transformation, you can harness the ferocity of the tiger and the persistence and depth of the water element.  This is a year to build your relationships and community. Lean on friends and lovers for support and co-creation.  There is great momentum in years of the Tiger and as such, be thoughtful with big decisions and when dealing with any unexpected circumstances.  As a rule of thumb, breathe before you pounce!

This time of the Chinese new year marks the lunar calendar as a time of beginning.  You can look outside and see nature is in harmony; a twinkling of shoots, hints of flowers, and burgeoning buds on trees.  Now is the true beginning of spring.  And with it, now is the time to harness that momentum for your health and well-being.  

Here are a couple of things you can choose from to make 2022 the transformative year we are all ready for:

  • Pain relief:  Now hear this:  Pain is NOT normal.  Pain gets in the way of everything.  Now is time to catch up on your physical maintenance. This is the time to make resolutions happen.  We were still hibernating on January 1st! Pain and dysfunction tend not to get better on their own and The WellBridge Clinic is one the best places (hands down) to get tuned up and ready for resolutions.
  • Dieting and detox:  Clean the house and clean the body.  This is the beginning of the ideal detox season.  Schedule for guided detox and nutrition consultation. We can help. There are a lot of possibilities on the internet, so beware of “Dr. Google.” Be sure to ask a healthcare professional at The WellBridge Clinic. After a detox you can expect reduced inflammation, a clearer head, better digestion, and a better mood. (Yay!)
  • Relaxation:  I hear it time and time again:  “acupuncture is more relaxing than a massage.” Think of it as training for your nervous system.  Our job is to downregulate your nerves into a ‘parasympathetic dominant’ state.’  Many people call it “The AcuZone.”  This is where we change our biorhythms from a “fight, flight state’ into ‘rest, digest, love, and connect’ state of mind.’  To take control of that is a pivotal choice and that choice is what it means to be human. That is how we begin to realize our potential.

Wishing you all a joyous, transformative, prosperous year filled with love and auspiciousness.

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All the best!



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