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Colds Flus Allergies

2 Easy Steps to Stay Strong During Cold and Flu Season

Dear Friends,

Its time to welcome the rain! And as we head inside and turn up the thermostat, I want to make sure you all are at your best.

I don’t know anyone who likes getting sick, but there are a few things we can all do to stay on our game.

Firstly, Indoor air quality. If you have forced air heat, start by Vacuuming out the vents. Then Change the filter on your furnace.  If you haven’t done it recently, call a duct cleaning company to sweep out the ducts in your house.  It can make a difference (but don’t buy their upsell washable ‘gold plated, etc’ filters!).

The thing is that there are so many furnace filters and filter quality ratings. So, I made this video for you all to help clear it up (get it, clear it up :~)…

Wait for it……

And did you know that acupuncture increases our immune system?  That’s right!  We help people over come allergies, colds and flus.  We also are great to help people overcome ‘CoVid Longhauler‘ and any malaise and fatigue that sometimes lingers after a flu.

The best news of all is that with acupuncture people experience better sleep, better digestion, and less stress.

Isn’t it time our health care had added benefits?

Have questions? Schedule your appointment today at 503-544-9611.

And remember your tune-up visits! (When was the last time you had a tune-up?)

Stay Strong and Happy!


Stop waiting. Now is the time to begin.

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