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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Treatment with the Wellbridge Clinic in Portland Oregon

Carpal Tunnel

Dear Friends,

True story: every acupuncture patient I saw yesterday had carpal tunnel or some numbness, tingling, and pain in their hands. The Big Secret is that carpal tunnel is not a hand problem…

A whopping 99% of the time, it starts in the neck.

Here are three of the main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome::

  1. Poor posture while at your phone and computer
  2. Chronic neck tension
  3. Old injuries like whiplash

Think of it like a garden hose. If there’s a kink in the hose, the garden doesn’t get watered. Healthy hands depend on nerve and blood circulation to nourish them, and the source is above the shoulder and from our neck.

Another true story: my uncle is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery. He is the ‘go-to doctor’ for carpal tunnel surgery. We argued for years about carpal tunnel and how to fix it. Bless my uncle’s soul, the research shows that surgery has a 30%-40% success rate, which is great for a batting average in baseball but not health care.

Surgery is the last resort. Think scalpels, scars, extended recovery time, expenses, failure to treat the primary cause, surgical success rate just barely better than placebo, pain medications, making things worse, and driving up insurance premiums for everyone.

You might be asking, “So, what can I do?”

These are seven steps to heal carpal tunnel syndrome.

  1. Stretch. Watch this video for instructions.
  2. Get acupuncture from a great acupuncturist that understands the big picture.
  3. Schedule cupping with said acupuncturist.
  4. Add moxibustion and heat therapy if necessary
  5. Consider ergonomics! Stop using your computer on the couch or kitchen table for work.
  6. Do a phone posture check. Look up when you are playing or working on your phone.
  7. Read this article for more information on carpal tunnel.

Share this with someone in need. They will thank you.

Have questions? Schedule your appointment today at 503-544-9611.

Oh, and remember your tune-up visits! (When was the last time you had a tune-up?)

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