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Acupuncture for Stress

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Natural Solutions to Support Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Page Morrison, LAc. Senior Acupuncturist
John A. Rybak, LAc. Lead Acupuncturists, Medical Director

Page Morrison LACOver the last 12 years as an acupuncturist in Portland, I have noticed many people want to know “Does acupuncture help with stress, anxiety, and insomnia?”  Most people find us because they experience chronic pain, sports injuries, or are recovering from accidents.  But did you know that acupuncture can help with stress relief?

Maybe you didn’t see that one coming!  Yes, acupuncture can help with stress relief.

We all know that stress makes everything worse. Neck pain, back pain, migraines, digestive problems, menstrual issues and tension headaches all get worse with stress.  While occasional stress is a part of life, many of us experience chronic stress at high levels.

Did you know that there are more effective, relaxing, and natural tools out there? Acupuncture can help. And we’ll talk about the whole ‘needle thing’ in a second.

When stress gets going it can be destructive to our physical health, mental health, sleep patterns, relationships, and our work.

Does this sound familiar? I don’t know many people who wait until their car has 3 flat tires and then wait for a tow truck.  Our bodies need a “tune up” too, right?

A lot of people, and even doctors, want to know “How does acupuncture work?”  It’s important to know that 50 years of research has shown that acupuncture helps with pain AND it has been shown to reduce stress and improve quality of life.  The research shows that acupuncture changes dopamine and serotonin levels and relaxes the nervous system. Also,  acupuncture has been shown to remap brain activity from the ‘fight or flight brain’ (Sympathetic Nervous System) to our “rest, digest, love and connect brain” (Parasympathetic Nervous System).  These are really good things and our patients go home or back to work feeling relaxed and in that “AcuZone.”

The question is, are we taking time to schedule self care?

We are frequently pushed to our limits to keep up with demanding schedules. On any given day, we’re stuck in traffic, hustling kids to events, fitting in meetings or school work, or worrying about bills, but we still try to make time for the gym, a decent meal or a good night’s sleep. This becomes our every day. And it can feel like a train wreck in slow motion.

It is that scramble that can get us stuck in the ‘fight or flight’ stress response that doesn’t let up. We keep hitting the “Go! Go!” button on our nervous system.

Did we all forget that businesses have an IT department for our computers and we have electricians for our house. It is so important to have a good “mind-body programmer” to help rebalance the circuits of our body….and that is what your acupuncture team does at The WellBridge Clinic.

We often feel that high level stress as “normal”, but it doesn’t have to be like that. When we flood our systems with stress hormones, there is a snowball effect that can affect many other health problems.   At The WellBridge Clinic, we use a holistic system of acupuncture that can help our bodies ‘relearn’ and ‘reset’. 

Think of acupuncture like going to the gym, or learning a musical instrument. It rewires our mind and body health.  Sometimes, it takes a little practice, but the lessons help us grow. 

Our medical providers strive to help people prioritize their health..  We don’t want to see our patients “all the time, forever.”  We believe that a good ‘doctor-patient’ relationship is crucial.  You can see that in our Google Reviews and Testimonials. Our patients work with us over the long term.  Our mission is to get you better, stay better, and then drop in for those ‘tune ups.’  Honestly, that is what brings joy to our work.

So, how can we interrupt this stress spiral? Acupuncture! 🙂

One of the best natural therapies to support a state of deep relaxation is acupuncture! It seems counterintuitive that having someone stick pins in you could help you relax, but it does just that. Many people fall asleep during their treatments (don’t drink coffee first :~) and feel super relaxed for hours afterward.

Maybe you are still wondering “What is an acupuncture treatment like?”

People commonly ask: “Does acupuncture hurt? …you mean sticking needles in me is supposed to be relaxing?!” Acupuncture needles aren’t like the ones at the doctor’s office. Rather, they are sterilized, FDA regulated medical devices and they are TINY, Tiny, tiny! They are much smaller than anything you have ever seen at your medical doctor’s clinic.

We always have time for a deep breath. Protect your time dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment. It’s so precious and that time will support your health and wellbeing. Even if you only have 17 seconds….it’s yours and it can be one of the most empowering things we can choose.

Your team at The WellBridge Clinic is here to support you.

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