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$45 Billion Acupuncture Success Story


$45 Billion Acupuncture Success Story

20,000 Patients Tried PT, Pills, Surgeries and acupuncture…Which do you think was the winner?

Dear Friends,

You probably would agree that one of the best feelings is helping someone or being helped when in need. That’s the glue that keeps us all together whether we’re letting someone in while driving or getting help for a health problem.

I just bumped into a patient that we have worked with for a couple years. He shared his story about how much better his health has been since starting acupuncture.

  • His pain is better!
  • His digestion is better!
  • His blood sugar is lower!
  • He lost 20lbs!
  • AND He has a young family and runs his own business.

He was like: “I don’t know why more people aren’t doing this?!”

Well my friends, I have an answer for you….I’m involved in State and National Healthcare policy from the Oregon Medical Board to lobbying for Healthcare Laws in Salem and in Washington DC, I’m on faculty at OCOM, and I own a medical clinic. The challenge to help more people try acupuncture and more doctors prescribe acupuncture is that we’re missing the $45 Billion Dollar per year marketing budget that pharmaceutical and medical tech industries have. ***Now, I’m not saying they are bad…we need them, we just need more acupuncture because science shows that acupuncture is more effective and more economical than Pills, PT, and Surgeries (i.e. “non-acupuncture control” in this study of over 20,000 patients).

So what can we do? It’s really easy. Change is going to come from your success stories. And you can do one or all of the following:

  1. Tell your doctor how acupuncture has helped you and bring 3 business cards in from The WellBridge Clinic in for your doctor’s appointments. Give the cards to the nurses, MAs, and doctors. (This is the BIGGEST way to help more people.)
  2. Refer a friend or family member. It is a privilege to earn your trust with your success. Our PROMISE is that we will always do our best for everyone that comes through our doors. Please remember that your privacy is our priority (and the law) so you know that what is said at everyone’s appointment always stays confidential.
  3. Write a review! Many of you found us because we have over 150 authentic 5.0 Star reviews on Google. Please tell your story. I can’t tell you how many people say that they read someone else’s story on a review and decided to make an appointment.
  4. Share this! with the schedule links and phone number! (Bonus)

Those 4 things are powerful ways you can help more people. 

Maybe someday we will have a 5, 6, or 7 figure budget to get the word out, but until then…Please share your success with your doctors, friends and review platforms. It’s HUGE. You can pay it forward and really transform someone’s life. 

From all of us at The WellBridge Clinic, We are wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year

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In Health,


Stop waiting. Now is the time to begin.

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