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1 Minute Massage for Neck Pain Relief

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Ask the Acupuncturist:

Hey Everyone!  It’s your friendly Portland neighborhood Acupuncturists.  Today we want to talk about working from home, ergonomics and neck pain.

So many people are getting neck pain right now as they work from home….does that sound familiar?  Would you mind if I share an easy Self Massage Technique so you stay loose, healthy, and pain free?  These muscles you will be working on are notoriously overworked and under appreciated.  Let’s give ’em a little love….

Watch the video how 1 minute can change your health dramatically…and feel relaxed.  In this video, I’m demonstrating an easy massage that you can do anywhere. This exercise will take only 1 minute per day to end (most) neck pain.  There are several things going on here that will help:
  1. Stretching out and relaxing the neck muscles.
  2. Circulating your lymph to boost immunity.  As they say:  “Out with the old, in with the new!”
  3. Opening up the muscles around the vagus nerve so you are happier, healthier, and gosh darn it you are probably going to poop better too.

Side Effects?  NOPE!  You Get ‘Added Benefits.’

Do this and you might even feel a little release of sinus congestion.  Your breathing will become more relaxed and open.  You should even notice your shoulders have softened and dropped down.  Take a nice breath from your belly and enjoy.

The WellBridge Clinic Can Help

The WellBridge Clinic is a Functional Medical Clinic that specializes in Acupuncture, Herbal and Nutritional Medicine.  Our Purpose has always been to get to the root of any health problem so you get better and stay better. Your healthy, vibrant life is our job.   We do that through time tested and science approved medical procedures and by educating our patients…  Because the alternative is just juggling symptoms. We are located in Portland, Oregon and serve patients locally and around the world.  Click here  so you can schedule an appointment or a free consultation to see how our team can help you.  We are in the clinic 6 days a week.  Call us anytime 503-832-4140.  


John Rybak, LAc., MSAOM  
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