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Tameka Lim, L.Ac.

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Tameka Lim, L.Ac.

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Tameka (pronounced Ta-MAY-ka) is an Oregon-born first-generation American whose family hails from all corners of the world. Her first memories of Chinese Medicine include watching her grandpa perform Qi Gong very early in the morning outside in the garden in mid-January at the Seattle home she grew up in, and the funny smelling herbs that would cook all day long in the kitchen. Tameka is a very observant, conscientious, and detail-oriented person and believes true success comes from equal parts perseverance, consistency, and time, with a dash of sensibility. Her mixed heritage background is the foundation for her love of travel and culture and forms the principles of how she views health and wellness.

Tameka Lim

Tameka strongly believes in the importance of collaboration, honesty, integrity, trust, and respect in all of her personal and professional relationships. Tameka earned her Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MSAOM) from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where she is currently completing her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is on the faculty as a teaching assistant. Her background also includes a Masters of Business Administration and a certified ESL Instructor.

Tameka is a volunteer and team lead with Acupuncture Relief Project where she spends several months per year treating patients as a primary care provider in rural Nepal. She has a passion for musculoskeletal disorders, autoimmune diseases, and stroke rehabilitation. Utilizing acupuncture, East Asian herbal medicine, and therapeutic massage, Tameka can help you sleep better, eat better, and feel more energized. Through thoughtful nutritional evaluations and practical application of East Asian Medicine, Tameka can help strengthen your immune system, relieve body pain, and even help you cultivate a more peaceful state of mind. Tameka’s solutions often help advise or support the care of other physicians making her a valuable member of your overall wellness team.

When Tameka is not helping her patients lead active, balanced, pain-free lives, she is out in the wilderness on her adventure motorcycle, traveling to faraway places, spending time with her partner and two dogs, or getting her hands dirty in her much-beloved garden.

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