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About Scott Baker, L.Ac.

Scott strongly believes that optimal health is a function of quality interrelationships. There is both an art and science to understanding the dynamics inherent in natural systems, interpersonal communication, and biological interaction. Within the root of disease lies a disconnect of functional intercommunication, ranging from physiological, to psycho-emotional, to social.

At The WellBridge Clinic he works closely with patients to achieve sustainable health by identifying disharmonies and restoring coordinated function, a concept the ancient Chinese doctors referred to as the smooth flow of “Qi”.

He was first exposed to acupuncture and Chinese medicine 20 years ago after a car accident left him with a pinched nerve in his hip. Coming from an athletic background and working through a pre-med program in college, he was fascinated with anatomy and physiology and now had a personal injury to work through. Two doctor’s visits and two unfilled prescriptions for pain medication later, a friend referred him to a local acupuncture clinic where the renowned acupuncturist, teacher, and philosopher Giovanni Maciocia worked and taught.

Scott Baker

After falling asleep during his first session and waking to the practitioner doing gentle stretches with his leg, he quickly realized that the acupuncture treatment had released the muscle tension impinging his sciatic nerve.

After another treatment that week, Scott challenged the treatments in true fashion, by going for a 40 mile mountain bike ride that weekend. To his amazement, the nerve pain didn’t return. The acupuncture had shifted something! Scott finished his pre-med degree and chose to pursue Chinese medicine for its whole-systems approach and the philosophy of promoting health and wellness.

Scott went on to earn his Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University, where he honed his respect for integrating the wisdom of ancient Eastern cultures with the scientific advances driving modern medicine. As a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine, he is part of a growing body of clinicians who are shifting away from a disease-centered model of healthcare and are working with better integrating our understanding of systems-biology to treat the whole patient. For Scott, this starts with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors that all operate together in promoting optimal health for his patients.

He is an avid lover of being outdoors. From the mountains to the ocean, Scott has always been fascinated by the interworking systems found in nature. He was was born in Portland and considers all of Cascadia home where he lives with his wife Samantha and daughter Rylee.

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