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Saliha Abrams,
Licensed Massage Therapist

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I’ve been practicing massage and bodywork for about 15 years total over the years since 1994. Giving people bodywork to help ease their pain and support their relaxation and healing, feels like a natural way for me to express caring and connection with others.

I received certificates in Polarity Therapy and massage at Heartwood Institute of the Healing Arts in Garberville, CA in 1992, and then practiced in California and Alaska. In 2007 I received a certificate in massage, Polarity Therapy, and Acupressure/Traditional Chinese Medicine from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, NM, and have been practicing massage and bodywork in WA and OR since 2009.

I’ve been studying and practicing Myo-fascial Release from 1994 to the present. MFR works with the connective tissue, or fascia, that surrounds and interpenetrates every part of the body. Where fascia is bound up, it can exert pressure on muscle and nerve tissue, causing pain and constriction. MFR releases this tension, bringing pain relief and healing to the body.

Saliha Abrams

I also practice Craniosacral therapy and am certified in Reiki II, and am a sound-healer, using my voice to help move energy in the client’s body to clear blockages and facilitate ease and health.

I combine any or all of these into treatments tailored to the person and their needs, requests, and comfort level. I’ve traveled and lived along the West coast from Mexico to Hawaii and Alaska, exploring and living much of that time in the outdoors. I love backpacking, hiking, camping, community, and exploring our potential as Spirit in human form, living in harmony with Spirit in all forms.

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